Contrasting new and historical images of 
Appleby and other Fairs and the Gypsies of today and of old...
A family with their Burton Wagon
Antique Photo Appleby Fair
 Appleby Fair 2007
Antique Appleby Fair Photo
 Appleby Fair 2007
 Appleby Fair June 2007
 Appleby Fair June 2007
 Antique Photo of Brough Fair
Edward and Famie Cooper 1938
Antique Photo of Children and their horse
Traditional Burning of a Gypsy Wagon at a Gypsy Funeral
Driving into Appleby June 2007
Antique Photo of Gypsy Family
Coops Gypsies
Galatian Gypsies
Here Come the  Gypsies!
Gypsies on display for sale UK
Queens Drum Horse on Parade in England
Traditional Vardo Cart
Gypsy Woman
Heron Family Vardo 1911
Archive Photo of a Gypsy Wagon
A Colt being washed in the river at Appleby 2008
Photos from
Appleby Fair 2008

Taken by Shannon Johnson
June 8,2008

The Vardo below was being sold for $200,000
US Dollars!!!
Young Gypsy girls    
2008 Appleby Stallions being shown for sale
Appleby 2008 June 8, 2008
Photos taken by Shannon Johnson
Tom Price parading his new 2008 herd of mares down the street to sell...
at Appleby Fair June 7, 2008.